• $20.00

- Full of citrus and fruit flavors, with just a small hint of chocolate

- Crisp and refreshing

- Light mouthfeel and texture

Our Burundi is our flagship citrus coffee, with flavor as bright and crisp as biting into a fresh apple. This coffee has a very lightweight texture to it which makes it very easy to drink. If you want a coffee that is bright, bold and packed with flavor, here's the coffee for you.

The Burundi coffee scene has gone through a lot of turbulence in the last 40 years or so, and has only just recently begun to not only grow but shine once again. Burundi is a small, mountainous country in the middle of Sub-Sahara Africa, bordering the other coffee capitals of Tanzania and Rwanda. The landscape doesn't allow for large coffee estates, and so the overwhelming majority of the coffee comes from small farms which dot the landscape and cling to the mountainsides. Burundi coffee is known for its berry and fruit flavors, and ours is most definitely no exception.